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Do take advantage of the free trial we offer. We will transcribe and send your reports (1 day’s dictation subject to a maximum of 50 minutes of dictation) for you to evaluate our capabilities. You will never regret choosing us.

Just dictate and hang up!

Steps to start your Free Trial immediately using TOLL FREE service:

Dial: Primary (1-866-377-0840) or Secondary (1-877-800-8810)

Automated Voice: Hello and welcome to the Telewave Dictation system:

Please enter the identification code followed by the pound sign now

Press: 48501 (or) 48502 followed by #

Automated Voice: ‘DictaCare’ …. Please enter a work type followed by pound sign now

Press: #

Automated Voice: Please enter a patient chart number followed by pound sign now

Press: #

Automated Voice: Begin speaking after the tone

Dial 5 to start a new dictation (or) dial 9 to hang up.

Please mention your name and email id.

We will mail you the transcribed reports via a secured password-protected e- mail within a short time. If you are happy with our work, continue to use our services. Do contact us if you need additional information.